Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

The stainless steel pipe fittings are connected to the tube pipe parts. Socket connection methods can be divided according to type fittings, threaded fittings, flanges and welded pipe fittings four categories. Multi-pipe made of the same material. Elbow, flanges, tees, crosses tube (cross head) and diameter pipe (size head) and the like. Local elbow for pipe turn; flanges for the tube and pipe parts connected to each other, connected to the pipe end, tee collection tubes for three places; the four-way pipe used four tubes collection place; iso two tubes of different diameters for diameter pipe connected to the place.

English name: fittings pipe fitting (s); tube fitting (s) the role of linking, change direction, split, seal, support and other applied disciplines Water; Irrigation and drainage; irrigation

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3 Related Applications

4 standards

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▪ American standard pipe fittings

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Basic Definition Editor

Stainless steel welded pipe fittings

Stainless steel welded pipe fittings

Fittings English (Pipe fitting) in the connecting pipeline system, control, change direction, split, collectively sealed, such as the role of the supporting parts.

Steel pipe fittings are pressure tube. Depending on the process, divided into four categories, namely welding class fittings (divided into two welds and no weld), socket welding and threaded fittings, flanges, pipe fittings. [1]

Common Categories edit

Many types of pipe fittings, where classified according to use, access, materials, processing methods.

By Use

1, pipe fittings for tubing connected to each other are: flange, union, ferrule, card sets, hose clamps, etc.

Cold drawn welded links

Cold drawn welded links

2, change the direction of pipe fittings: elbow, elbow

3, change the pipe diameter of the tube: Reducing (diameter pipe), reducing elbow, branch units, reinforcing tube

4, increasing pipeline branch fittings: three, four

5, pipe fittings for pipe seals: gaskets, with raw materials, hemp, blind flanges, plugs, blind, head, welding plug

6 for fixing the pipe line: card ring, tow hooks, rings, brackets, bracket, tube cards

Press the connection points

1, welding pipe fittings

2, threaded fittings

3, the card sleeve member

Welded steel pipe flanges with neck

Welded steel pipe flanges with neck

4, clamp fittings

5, intubation

6, adhesive fittings

7, hot melt pipe fittings

8 Aprons connecting pipe fittings

Divided by material

1, steel pipe fittings

2, cast iron pipe fittings

Welding Elbow

Welding Elbow

3, stainless steel pipe fittings

4, plastic pipe fittings

5, pvc pipe fittings

6 rubber tube

7, graphite tube

8, forged steel pipe fittings

ppr pipe fittings

ppr pipe fittings

9, PPR pipe fittings,

10 alloy pipe fittings

11, pe pipe fittings

12, ABS pipe fittings

Related Applications editor

Building materials industry prospects

Oil any stainless steel

Oil any stainless steel

China is already the world’s largest building materials producer and consumer countries. The main building materials of cement, plate glass, building and sanitary ceramics, stone and wall materials production ranks first in the world for many years. At the same time, continuously improve the quality of building materials, energy and raw material consumption decreased year by year, a variety of new building materials continue to emerge, building materials and product upgrading, Cangzhou pipeline equipment manufacturing base is strong. More than 3200 existing production enterprises above designated size (sales income of 500 million yuan) 222 enterprises, employing 12.4 million people. The main products are seamless steel tubes, low and medium pressure boiler pipe, oil drilling pipes and other steel various steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and other calibres; a variety of three, four, valves, reducers and other fittings elbow ; all kinds of stainless steel flanges, forging flange; various pipe rack, instrument, oil blowout preventer and other pipe fittings; various polyethylene pipes, polypropylene pipes and other plastic pipe, a total of 16 categories over 370 varieties of more than 3500 kinds specifications. Manufacturing process mainly uses hot-rolled straight seam welded, spiral-sided submerged arc welding, forging, forging, IF push system, cold forming, hot extrusion, pipe diameter 2020 mm Max. Products are widely used in municipal engineering, petrochemicals, natural gas, ships and nuclear power, design and processing capacity of 25 million tons. 2010 enterprises above designated size industrial added value 13 billion yuan, an increase of 31.7%, accounting for 16.1% of above-scale enterprises added value. Cangzhou pipeline equipment manufacturing industry forward, “Mikami” (on the scale, the level of the equipment) and the “three highs” (high-end, high-pressure, high-value) of the goal, urged the pipeline equipment manufacturing capacity of 30 million tons. Cangzhou will become a famous “pipeline equipment manufacturing and R & D base” and “pipeline equipment of all.” Explosive growth “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” Infrastructure investments have the chess set, roads, railways and other infrastructure construction investment and the steady growth of investment in ordinary civil construction, so the construction industry is in a boom phase upstream. Meanwhile, in the construction of energy-saving society and the state to strengthen the independent innovation capability in the background, energy conservation and technological innovation theme will be development of the industry hot spots.

Related Standard Editor

Key criteria include the following categories

The current national standard

GB / T10752-1995 marine pipe welding head

GB / T12772-1999 flexible interface cast iron drainage pipes and fittings

GB / T 8803-2001 injection molding of rigid PVC (PVC-U), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C), acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene copolymer (ABS) and acrylonitrile – Styrene – acrylate terpolymer (ASA) member-tube heat oven test method

GB / T 8802-2001 Thermoplastics pipes, fittings Vicat softening temperature measuring

GB / T 18251-2000 Determination of polyolefin pipes, fittings and compounding of pigment or carbon black dispersion

GB / T 18474-2001 crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes and fittings – Test methods degree of crosslinking

GB / T 18475-2001 Pressure thermoplastic pipes and fittings materials classification and designation – Overall service (design) coefficient

GB / T 18742.3-2002 polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water – Part 3: Fittings

GB / T 18991-2003 hot and cold water systems Thermoplastics pipes and fittings

GB / T 18993.3-2003 cold water chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) piping systems – Part 3: Fittings

GB / T 18998.3-2003 industrial chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) piping systems – Part 3: Fittings

GB / T 19228.3-2003 stainless steel compression fittings with rubber O-ring

GB / T 19278-2003 Thermoplastics pipes, fittings and valves General terms and their definitions

GB / T 19473.3-2004 hot and cold water polybutylene (PB) piping systems – Part 3: Fittings

GB / T 12459-2005 welded steel seamless pipe fittings

GB / T 19712-2005 plastic pipes and fittings polyethylene (PE) saddle bypass impact test method

GB 15558.2-2005 Buried polyethylene (PE) piping systems – Part 2: Fittings

GB / T 13663.2-2005 water supply polyethylene (PE) piping systems – Part 2: Fittings

GB / T 19806-2005 polyethylene plastic pipes and fittings electrofusion assemblies squeeze the peel test

GB T Preparation of plastic pipes and fittings Polyethylene pipes and fittings combination fused specimens / 19807-2005

GB / T 19808-2005 plastic pipes and fittings nominal tensile peeling test 90mm outside diameter greater than or equal to polyethylene electrofusion assemblies

Preparation GB / T 19809-2005 plastic pipes and fittings polyethylene (PE) pipe / pipe or pipe / tube assemblies by butt fusion

GB / T 19810-2005 polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings Butt joint strength and failure mode of tensile

GB / T 13401-2005 steel plate pipe fittings

GB / T 19993-2005 and cold water piping systems thermoplastic pipe fittings combined system thermal cycling test method

GB / T 5836.2-2006 building drainage with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipe fittings

GB / T 15819-2006 irrigation with polyethylene (PE) pipe fittings plug-in caused by the environmental stress cracking susceptibility test methods and technical requirements

GB / T 20201-2006 irrigation with polyethylene (PE) pressure pipes mechanical connection fittings

GB / T 20207.2-2006 acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene (ABS) pressure piping systems – Part 2: Fittings

GB / T 20674.2-2006 plastic pipes and fittings – Equipment for fusion polyethylene systems – Part 2: fused connection

GB / T 20674.1-2006 plastic pipes and fittings – Equipment for fusion polyethylene systems – Part 1: Butt

GB / T 8801-2007 hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) fittings by falling test method

GB / T 21300-2007 plastic pipes and fittings – Determination of opacity

GB / T 21409-2008 General rules for glass equipment, pipes and fittings testing, installation and use

GB / T 21408-2008 glass equipment, pipes and fittings 15mm ~ 150mm diameter pipe and fittings versatility and interchangeability

GB / T 14383-2008 forged socket welding and threaded fittings

GB / T 13295-2008 water and gas pipes with ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories

Graphical symbols for pipe fittings GB / T 6567.3-2008 Technical drawings of pipeline system

GB / T 22051-2008 crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes tight sliding sleeve cold expansion fittings

Graphics Graphics symbols line GB / T 6567.5-2008 Technical drawings piping systems, fittings and valves symbol isometric drawing method

GB / T 11618.1-2008 brass fittings – Part 1: brazed fittings

GB / T 12772-2008 flexible interface with cast iron drainage pipes, fittings and accessories

GB / T 3420-2008 gray cast iron pipe fittings

GB / T 11618.2-2008 brass fittings – Part 2: compression type fittings

GB / T 23241-2009 irrigation plastic pipes and fittings basic parameters and technical requirements

GB / T 23682-2009 refrigeration systems and heat pumps hose fittings, pipe isolation and expansion joints – Requirements, design and installation

GB / T 24452-2009 in the building of sewage, waste water (high temperature) chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) pipes and fittings

GB / T 17457-2009 ductile iron pipes and fittings cement mortar lining

GB / T 24596-2009 ductile iron pipes and fittings polyurethane coating

GB / T 24672-2009 sprinkler metal thin-walled tube and pipe fittings

GB / T 5135.19-2010 Automatic sprinkler systems – Part 19: Plastic pipes and fittings

GB / T 26002-2010 gas transport stainless steel corrugated hose and fittings

GB / T 26120-2010 low pressure stainless steel threaded pipe fittings

GB / T 26081-2010 sewage Ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories

GB 26255.2-2010 polyethylene gas pipeline systems – Part 2 Mechanical Tubing: nominal pipe diameter greater than 63mm conversion with Plastic Pipe Fittings

GB 26255.1-2010 polyethylene gas pipeline systems – Part 1 Mechanical Tubing: nominal outside diameter of not more than 63mm of pipe fittings with steel-plastic conversion

GB / T 26500-2011 fluorine plastic lined pipe, fittings common technical requirements

GB / T 19228.2-2011 stainless steel compression type fittings assembly – Part 2: Connecting with thin-walled stainless steel pipe

GB / T 19228.1-2011 stainless steel compression type fittings assemblies – Part 1: compression type fittings

GB / T 27684-2011 titanium and titanium alloy seamless and welded pipe fittings

GB / T 27891-2011 steel compression type fittings

Industry Standard

1) “steel welded seamless pipe fittings” GB / T 12459-2005

2) “steel plate for pipe fittings” GB / T 13401-2005

3) “Plant steel pipe fittings” DL / T 695-1999

SH 3408 SH 3409 steel seamless tube welded steel pipe fittings made

SH 3410 Forged steel socket welding pipe fittings

HGJ514-87 carbon steel, low alloy steel seamless pipe fittings

US standard pipe fittings

ASME / ANSI B16.9 factory-made seamless steel pipe fittings made

ASME / ANSI B16.11 Socket welding and threaded forged fittings

ASME / ANSI B16.28 steel welded small radius bends and hairpin

ASME B16.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings

MSS SP-43 forged stainless steel pipe fittings

MSS SP-83 socket welding and threaded union

MSS SP-97 socket welding, threaded and butt weld end of the overall strengthening of pipe seat

ASME B16.3-1998 malleable iron threaded pipe

Standard pipe Daquan

A former Ministry of Labor [1996] No. 140 pressure pipeline safety management and monitoring requirements *

2 State inspection pot [2002] No. 235 Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Design Qualification licensing and management rules

3 Zhijijianju pot Fa [1999] No. 143 Notice on Strengthening Safety Supervision and LPG station management

4 Quality Inspection pot [1999] No. 59 comments on implementation of the “on the strengthening of liquefied petroleum gas station security monitoring and management,” related issues

5 former Ministry of Labor [1996] No. 276 Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervisory Regulations *

6 former Ministry of Labor [1997] No. 74 hot water boiler safety technology supervision order *

7 former Ministry of Labor [1993] No. 356 organic heat carrier furnace safety technology supervision order *

8 Zhijijianju pot Fa [1999] No. 154 text Safety Technology Supervision pressure vessel *

9 GB4962-1985 hydrogen using safety technology

10 GB6222-1986 industrial enterprises Gas Safety Regulations

11 GB11984-1989 chlorine safety rules

12 GB13348-1992 liquid petroleum products electrostatic safety regulations

13 SY6186-1996 oil and gas pipeline safety regulations

14 SY5737-1995 oil pipeline safety regulations

15 DL / T561-95 steam power plant chemical supervision guidelines

16 DL / T709-1999 penstock safety testing technical regulations

Fire safety, health and environmental classes

1 GB50160-92 (1999 year local amendments) fire protection design of petrochemical enterprises *

2 GB5044-1985 occupational exposure to harmful levels of poison classification *

3 GBJ16-87 (2001 year local amendments) architectural design code for fire protection

4 GBJ73-84 clean plant design specifications

Technical principles and methods 5 GB / T3840-1991 develop local emission standards of air pollutants

GB16297-1996 Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants

6 GB50058-1992 explosion and fire hazard electrical installation design specifications *

GB50084-2001 sprinkler system design specifications

7 GB50183-1993 crude oil and natural gas fire protection engineering design

8 GB50187-1993 industrial enterprises total graphic design specification ×

GB50338-2003 fixed fire monitor extinguishing system design specifications

9 HG20532-1993 chemical powder engineering design safety and health regulations

10 HG20571-1995 chemical companies with safety and health regulations ×

11 HG20667-1986 Chemical Construction Project Environmental Protection design requirements HGJ6 ×

12 HG / T20687-1989 chemical industry explosion and fire hazard power design procedures HGJ21 ×

13 SH3024-1995 petrochemical enterprises Environmental Design Specification ×

14 SH3047-1993 Petrochemical Enterprises Design Specification occupational safety and health

Pipe connection structure classes

1 GB / T1415-1992 Metric taper thread

2 GB / T7306.1 ~ .2-2000 use thread sealing pipe thread

3 GB / T7307-2001 non-thread sealing pipe thread

4 GB / T12716-2002 60o seal pipe thread

5 GB / T985-1988 gas welding, the basic form of manual arc welding and gas welding weld groove and size

6 GB / T986-1988 submerged arc weld groove in the basic form and size

7 GB / T324-1988 weld notation

8 HG / T3204-1981 Graphite pipe thread series

Engineering design standards

Common Criteria class

1 GB13-86 (97 edition) outdoor water supply engineering

2 GB14-87 (97 edition) outdoor drainage design specifications

3 GB150-1998 steel pressure vessel

4 GB50028-1993 (2002 edition) 98 City Gas Design Code Amendment

5 GB50030-1991 oxygen station design specifications ×

6 GB50031-1991 acetylene station design specifications ×

7 GB50041-1992 boiler room design specifications ×

8 GB50049-1994 small thermal power station design specifications

9 GB50156-2002 vehicle refueling stations design and construction specifications

10 GB50177-1993 hydrogen gas station design specifications ×

11 GB50195-1994 gas station design specifications ×

12 GB50251-2003 pipeline engineering design specifications

13 GB50253-2003 pipeline engineering design specifications

14 GB / T50265-1997 pumping station design specifications ×

15 GB50316-2000 industrial metal piping design specifications

16 GB50029-2003 air station design specifications

17 GB50074-2002 oil depot design specifications GBJ74

18 HG20695-1987 chemical pipeline design specifications HGJ8

19 HG20519-1992 chemical process design and construction plans the content and depth of uniform regulations

20 HG20546-1992 chemical plant equipment layout design requirements *

21 HG / T20549-1998 chemical plant piping layout design requirements *

22 HG / T20645-1998 chemical plant piping mechanical design requirements *

23 HG / T20646-1999 chemical plant piping design requirements *

24 HG20581-1998 steel chemical container material selection provisions

25 HG20582-1998 steel chemical vessel strength calculation provisions

26 SHJ9-89 petrochemical enterprise for fuel gas system and combustible gas emission system design specifications

27 SH3011-2000 petrochemical process plant equipment layout design General

28 SH3012-2000 petrochemical pipeline layout design General

29 SH / T3041-2002 petrochemical pipeline flexible design specifications

30 SH3007-1999 petrochemical tank storage and handling system design specifications SHJ7

31 SH3034-1999 petrochemical water drainage channel design specifications SHJ34

32 SH3059-1994 petrochemical enterprise piping design equipment selection General

33 SY / T0015.1 ~ .2-1998 crude oil and natural gas transportation pipeline crossing engineering design specifications

34 SY / T0075-2002 tank farm fire dike design specifications

34 SYJ13-86 Crude Oil Pipeline Technology and Pumping Station Design Specification

35 SYJ14-85 Crude Oil Pipeline Route Design Specification

36 SY / T0325-2001 steel pipeline crossing the railway and road Recommended Practices

37 SY / T0518-2002 steel pipe fittings and gas pipeline design procedures

38 SY / T10043-2002 relief and decompression systems Guide

39 SY / T10044-2002 refinery pressure relief device sizing, selection and installation of the recommended practices

DL5000-1994 power plant design and technical specifications

36 DL / T5054-1996 thermal power plant steam piping design technical requirements

37 SDGJ6-90 thermal power plant steam piping stress calculation technical provisions

38 CJJ34-2002 heating network design specification

Noise control, anti-static, heat, corrosion, earthquake, jacket category

1 GBJ44-82 outdoor gas and heating engineering facilities seismic qualification standards

2 GBJ87-85 Industrial Enterprise Noise Control Design Specification *

3 GB / T4272-1992 equipment and pipe insulation technology General

4 GB7231-1987 Basic identification colors and symbols of industrial piping

5 GB / T8175-1987 equipment and pipe insulation design guidelines

6 GB / T8923-1988 steel surface before painting Rust grades and preparation grades

7 GB / T11790-1996 equipment and pipe cold technology General

8 GB12158-1990 common guidelines to prevent static electricity accident

Standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises GB12348-1990

GB12801-1991 production process safety and health requirements General

9 GB / T15586-1995 cold equipment and piping design guidelines

10 GB50264-1997 industrial equipment and pipeline insulation engineering design specifications

11 HG20503-1992 chemical construction project noise control design requirements *

12 HG20560-1994 chemical process Anti-static design guidelines

13 HG / T20675-1990 chemical enterprises static grounding design procedures HGJ28

14 HG / T20679-1990 chemical equipment, pipeline external corrosion design requirements HGJ34

15 HG25043-1991 pipeline Coloring provisions

17 SH3022-1999 petrochemical business equipment and pipeline corrosion coating design and construction specifications SHJ22

18 SHJ39-91 petrochemical enterprises of non-seismic design of buried pipelines General

19 SHJ40-91 petrochemical enterprises and jacketed steam pipes with design specifications

20 SHJ43-91 surface equipment and pipelines petrochemical enterprises coloring and logo

21 SH3010-2000 petrochemical business equipment and piping insulation design specifications

22 SH3097-2000 petrochemical static grounding design specifications

23 SYJ7-84 steel pipes and tanks anticorrosion design specifications

24 SYJ8-84 buried steel pipeline asphalt anti-corrosion coating technology standards

25 SY0007-1999 steel pipes and tanks

Fittings Category editor

1. Material classified:

Carbon steel: ASTM / ASME A234 WPB, WPC

Alloy: ASTM / ASME A234 WP 1-WP 12-WP 11-WP 22-WP 5-WP 91-WP911,15Mo3 15CrMoV, 35CrMoV

Stainless steel: ASTM / ASME A403 WP 304-304L-304H-304LN-304N

ASTM / ASME A403 WP 316-316L-316H-316LN-316N-316Ti

ASTM / ASME A403 WP 321-321H ASTM / ASME A403 WP 347-347H

Low temperature steel: ASTM / ASME A402 WPL3-WPL 6

High-performance steel: ASTM / ASME A860 WPHY 42-46-52-60-65-70

Steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, argon Ge Lek, PVC, PPR, RFPP (reinforced polypropylene), etc.

2. production methods can be divided into pushing, pressing, forging, casting and so on.

3. manufacturing standards can be divided into GB, electricity standard, ship standard, technology standard, water standard, American Standard, the German standard, Japanese standard, the Russian standard and so on.

4. Press its radius of curvature to points: can be divided into long radius elbows and short radius elbow. Long radius elbow refers to its radius of curvature is equal to 1.5 times the outer diameter of the tube, that R = 1.5D; short radius elbow refers to its radius of curvature is equal to the pipe diameter, namely R = 1.0D. (D is the bend diameter, R is the radius of curvature). 5. In terms of pressure levels to points: about seventeen species, and the US standard pipe is the same, there are: Sch5s, Sch10s, Sch10, Sch20, Sch30, Sch40s, STD, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80s, XS; Sch80, SCH100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, XXS; one of the most common STD and XS are two kinds.

Standard System

Standard pipe flanges on two main international system, namely the German DIN (including the former Soviet Union), represented by the European pipe flange system and the US ANSI pipe flanges as a representative of the Inter-American pipe flange system. In addition, there are Japanese JIS pipe flanges, but in the petrochemical unit generally used only for public works, and less influence in the world. Now countries flange Introduction in the following:

1, with Germany and the former Soviet Union as the representative of the European System of pipe flanges

2, the inter-American system of standard pipe flanges to ANSI B16.5 and ANSI B 16.47 represented

3, Britain and France standard pipe flanges, the two countries have two sets of standard pipe flanges.

In summary, the internationally accepted standard pipe flanges can be summed up in two different and not interchangeable flange system: a representative of Germany’s European pipe flange system; the other is the US Representative American pipe flange system.

IOS7005-1 is a standard promulgated by the International Standards Organization in 1992, the standard is actually the United States and Germany, two series of pipe flanges merger of standard pipe flanges.